Anthony only uses extremely high quality professional equipment.

Camera Bodies


His current camera bodies are the industry-leading A7 system mirrorless cameras from Sony.  

- Sony A7r for photographs requiring great detail or for large prints.

- Sony A7s for low-light photography and videos.

Camera Lenses


Most professional photographers use modern kit and when 20 of them shoot the same subject, you get 20 almost identical images.  But, Anthony's will look different, because nearly all his lenses are old film lenses from the 1960s through to the 90s. Reason being that older-lenses have a different character to modern lenses.  

Also important in his lens choice is INTENTION as key to art, which you can read about here.

He uses a different bag of lenses depending on the nature of the job, and his lens choice will be from the following manufacturers:

- Leica

- Carl Zeiss

- Voigtlander

- Nikon

- Canon

- Olympus

- Sony/Minolta

- Pentax

and others.

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